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summary ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Georgette Heyer review Sprig Muslin Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB Georgette Heyer ✓ 3 review Family This turns out to be a challenge as Amanda seems to possess an imagination as intriguing as it is dangerous A shocking refusal Lady Hester stuns both him and her family when she refuses him A. Written July 4 20154 12 Stars Charming well made oldie 1956 So much fun and so very well told and narrated Sprig Muslin is an Regency set in England 1813 written already 1956 by a legend romance author Georgette Heyer 1902 1974 Awwww this wasjolly goodThis was just my second novel by for me a brilliant classic British writer I has always been a fan by funny and witty steam free romantic oldies by Austen for example Ms Heyer gives me exactly that feeling even if this is much newer litterateur Must check out our local library if there are any old Heyer copies translated to Swedish as wellI saw that someone wrote that Reading Georgette Heyer s Regency novels is like eating dark chocolate guilty pleasure that turns out to be good for you True I have been listening to a 10 hours audiobook edition fabulous great narrated by Sian Phillips a Welsh actress from 2008 Luckily for me a Daily Deal bargain on Audiblecom for just 4 a May day So glad I was uick and snatched it Sir Gareth Ludlow knows it is his duty as a man of honour to restore so young and pretty a girl as Amanda wandering unattended to her family But it is to prove no easy task for the Corinthian As much as this is a romance this story is also a joyful comedy Our young heroine Amanda Smith kind of makes this story She fills it with all her fantastic fabrications lies new lies fantasy and falsehoods once again Her imagination and ability to embroider her amazing stories and fabrications at every opportunity makes it all for all parts to become a big mess in the end Seventeen year old Amanda is a beautiful charming but spoiled impossible stubborn young lady She is on the run to try to force her grandfather to let her marry the young officer she chosed Our hero Sir Gareth Ludlow is on a trip to ask a very modest lady soon to be 30 and already nearly a poor old spinster Lady Hester Theale to become his wifeThe day Sir Gareth meet young Amanda and tries to save her is he stepping on a small sweetlooking snowball that will soon be a big tumbling avalanche Amanda has a way of messing up everyone s life Chuckling fun and not an boring minuteI had two great summer days with Sprig Muslin Nearly four stars for a sweet enjoying old classic romance and yet one star for this audiobook Yes this audio edition is simply FANTASTIC for all lovers like me of classic well written and well narrated historical romances Sian Phillips does it faultlessly and Georgette Heyer knew how to make a good hilarious fun tale Sincerely recommendedI LIKE very much an amusing fun audiobook story

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summary ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Georgette Heyer review Sprig Muslin Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB Georgette Heyer ✓ 3 review T her age no one would expect her to turn down such an eligible suitor But Lady Hester has met the indomitable Amanda How can the uiet intelligent Hester hope to compete with such a lively young lad. ETA commute listen with my daughter 122018Still very fine and I loved the shared laughter as Cordy experienced Lady Hester s very sly wit She really hated Amanda though and struggled with her willful flightsThis remains one of my very favorite Georgette Heyer romances Sir Gareth is such a delight as he struggles with Amanda s exploits Their repartee is fantastic without even hinting that they should end up together thank heavens I like Hester so much better than the explosively willful ing nue And Hester is such an intriguing character as well Her sly humor buried under her meek exterior has some truly fine moments even early on before we ve gotten to know how intolerable her situation really is and how much worse off she would be married to the man she loves if he doesn t also love her even if that man is Sir Gareth All of the secondary characters fit their respective roles well from Hildebrand as invalid support to Lady Wid s gauche raillery It all adds up to a delightful read with a very satisfying resolution

summary ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Georgette Heyer

summary ò eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Georgette Heyer review Sprig Muslin Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB Georgette Heyer ✓ 3 review A dashing man of honor En route to propose to his sensible acuaintance Lady Hester Sir Gareth Ludlow finds young pretty Amanda wandering unattended and knows it is his duty to bring her back to her. 45 I enjoyed this charming romance a lot this time around I loved that view spoiler secondary female romantic lead the main male romance lead were both physically attractive characters who ended up with less attractive partners hide spoiler