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Summary Chicken Clicking Chicken Clicking Summary î 109 One night Chick hops onto the farmer's house and has a browse on his computer CLICK soon she's shopping online for t This book was deeply disturbing I understand that internet safety is an issue relevant even to toddlers but I think this book seriously misses the mark with communicating anything useful First the chick uses the internet without permission to buy loads of pointless expensive things including a weirdly sadistic trip to Spain for the farm s bull without having any prior knowledge of money or any bank account itself How is this possible Surely no parent is irresponsible enough to leave their online shopping accounts without password protection or using paypal to conceal their card details I mean this just isn t realisticThen there is the inevitable attempt by the chick illustrated with eyelashes in a 1950s housewife style party frock to make an inappropriate friend online In dealing with this serious issue no attempt is made to show that friendships between children can be formed in safe regulated spaces online a horrible ambiguous metaphor is drawn The chick is met by a fox with in a shooting jacket with a cheuered picnic blanket at its side That s it No allegory of the short or long term conseuences It is just left up to the mind of the toddler having this read to them to work out that the fox pictured in this book is not friendly and make the conceptual leap to the sexual abuse of children who are groomed over the internet For any parents who want to teach their young child about safe internet use talk about the issue don t read this perverted waffling disgrace of a fable

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Chicken Clicking

Summary Chicken Clicking Chicken Clicking Summary î 109 He whole farm But when she arranges to meet up with a friend she's made online she discovers all is not as it seemsL Great for teaching digital citizenship

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Summary Chicken Clicking Chicken Clicking Summary î 109 Ittle Red Riding Hood for the iPad generation this is the perfect book for teaching children how to stay safe online Wrapped up a lesson on digital citizenship with this book and found it to be pretty effective Because we began with Once Upon a TimeOnline we were able to bring it around to remind ourselves that the internet isn t bad per se but kids need to make sure an adult is in the loop any time they use the internet Chick goes to meet her new friend without telling dad or mum In classes we also concluded that there are plenty of awesome things to do on the internet but if anyone is asking us to keep something secret from parents or caregivers it should raise a red flag I wouldn t necessarily just hand this to a kid for pleasure reading but I think it worked well in the context of a rounded discussion I think the stark ending to what appears to be a silly story is impactful

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