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Love Games

free download Love Games free read Love Games õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Her wants to tear their eye from the prize but the time they spend trying to defeat one another the they start to realize that what's in front of them might just be far valuable than winning any game Love Games is the latest novel by Mia Archer author of your favorite geeky lesbian romanc. Well played This is the second gamer geek love story I ve read by this author and I ve enjoyed them both thoroughly despite being borderline anti gamer myself lol Gaming and role playing interests me very little but Mia Archer has managed to tempt me into two completely different worlds and keep me intrigued laughing and smiling My only objection and reason for four star here is that as vivid as the alternate world is the reality sex is not Everything is so detailed in world but then in the reality bits it sometimes feels lacking or missing that same intensity especially in regards to sex scenes In world things are brought to life in such great detail but then we get so little detail in sex scenes that I can t help but feel a little bit robbed Outside of that Mia Archer kinda makes me want to become a gamer girl

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free download Love Games free read Love Games õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ASIN B019I0FCZ0 moved to the most recent edition here She may be the best but I'm better And I'm going to prove it Love lust and competition Anna went to the annual Gathering for Alternate Realms just looking for a little fun Already one of the top ranked players of the blockbuster altern. The story wasn t great It wasn t bad but probably one of her better written ones The author didn t overly state the obvious or reiterate the same point in the span of two paragraphs as she usually does Nor does she overly abuse the phrase thank you very much as she often does The story wasn t compelling or anything but cute and fluffy and easy to pick up If you are looking for a uick and easy nerdy lesbian read this isn t a bad story

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free download Love Games free read Love Games õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ate reality game she expected nothing than a good time and some real competition What Anna didn't expect was Erin the best player to ever grace the game and the most beautiful woman she's ever seenSparks fly as the competition between the two gamer girls heats up Always the very best neit. Entertaining This well written book has well developed characters and an entertaining storyline Two women Erin the reigning international ueen in an elaborate alternate reality game and Anna the challenger are instantly attracted to each other from Anna s first attack I recommend this interesting book

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