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More Than You Know

review More Than You Know 103 Rosalyn Story ↠ 3 review A sweeping love story about how long buried family secrets devastate the marriage of a brilliant musician and his swife Homeless LJ Tillman is a jazz saxophonist whose life has been torn apart When the painful secret that LJ had kept all his life ha. After reading Rosalyn Story s Wading Home I loved it so much that I had to read her first novel More Than You Know When I first saw the title I started singing the old standard by that name without knowing the song was a thread throughout the novel It s a sweet poignant love story of a nine year old boy who promised never to tell where the infant came from before he delivered her to Big Mama to adopt and raise Eighteen years later he finds that baby all grown up and they have a happy marriage for 25 years until he tell her the secret She banishes him he runs away and we find him living homeless on the streets of New York CityI loved the lyrical uality of this story but not as much as I loved Wading Home I loved the jazz music that tells it s own story as background to the plight of LJ and Olivia as the secret slowly unravels with all the threads that tore them apart and would finally bring them back together I give it four stars

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review More Than You Know 103 Rosalyn Story ↠ 3 review Conforms to its own rules and that love can endure even the most profound injuries Rosalyn Story herself a successful musician has created a lyrical emotionally consuming page turner that delves deeply into the mysteries of love family and marriage. This book starts out with a mini prologue from Arkansas 1955 More Than You Know picks up the story in 90 s New York It starts out by describing the weather with beautiful words and introduces a character with initials for a name LJ I hate initials for names in novels It s a personal thingMore Than You Know moves along about as fast as a turtle with arthritis in the kneecaps The novel does weave a very interesting history for LJ and Olivia once the book finally gets around to it Which feels like 5 years later because of the way the book is paced The Big Mama Olivia LJ Vaughn connection is a long time comingThe writing is very pretty and the pacing is very slowThis is not my type of book but the story idea is uite good If you like flowery descriptions of weather skin tones and music then this book will be terrific for you And I like that the author lives in Dallas too

Rosalyn Story ↠ 3 review

review More Than You Know 103 Rosalyn Story ↠ 3 review D finally been revealed it shattered his marriage to Olivia a promising singer who works as a beautician More Than You Know is the elegantly crafted story of how this troubled couple rescues their marriage shaken to the core they discover that truth. Wow What a fabulous book with characters I wish I could meet Ms Story brings each of the principals to life through descriptive language and dialogue in their interactions This is a heart rending tale that ties all of them together in sadness and joy One of the uniue features of this book is that Jazz as in music genre is a primary character in this novel Rosalyn Story must know jazz intimately and shares that knowledge in uniue ways in this bookThis book will rank in the top 5 of 2020 books that I have read at the end of the year It is a book I plan to read again just for the pure joy found in its writing

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