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The Punisher MAX From First to Last

Free download The Punisher MAX From First to Last ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ; 'The Cell' where Frank weaves his way through the bloodstained halls; and 'The End' where he's heading home to the place it a. I m going to start the killing now Holy CRAP this one is go0d

Free download The Punisher MAX From First to Last

Free download The Punisher MAX From First to Last ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ll began and heaven help anyone who stands in his pathCollects Punisher The Tyger #1 Punisher The Cell #1 and Punisher The End. This is one of the best Punisher collections I have ever read All 3 stories are top notch and completely encompass the character of Frank Castle The first one reveals Frank s first experience to violence the middle one finally gives Frank the true revenge for the death of his family and the final one is the end of the world

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Free download The Punisher MAX From First to Last ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free 'The Tyger' where Frank's journey eventually turns him into the man known as the Punisher and comes face to face with the Tyger. From First To Last is a great Punisher graphic novel for first time Punisher readers looking for an entertaining set of noncommittal stories Each of the three stories told in this collection stand out as being some of the most interesting episodes in the Punisher s life that I can think of The Tyger delves into the earliest influences on Frank Castle s life that would eventually mold him into the Punisher I was able to get a much clearer picture of the Punisher after reading about his past in such detail Most stories about Frank Castle s past entails his time in Vietnam or the moments right before he lost his family The Tyger goes much farther back to show a young Frank Castle being molded into the merciless vigilante he would grow up to becomeThe Cell takes us into the greatest moment of justice in the Punisher s life The Punisher s ingenuity and relentlessness to dole out his signature style of brutal justice shines brightly in this story This was my favorite story of the three because of how badass it was the whole way through The Punisher goes to the absolute most extreme lengths imaginable just to punish bad guys and I love itLastly The End closes the story of the Punisher once and for all in the most over the top way possible The merciless vigilante literally goes to the ends of the Earth to carry out his punishments unto evildoers even in the face of total world destruction This post apocalyptic Punisher tale is definitely the most out there of the bunch perhaps even the most obscure Punisher story ever written as far as I know but it does not fail to entertain in the slightestBy providing intense action violent imagery and intelligent writing The Punisher From First To Last is able to captivate its readers the whole way through and give fans arguably the most uniue set of Punisher stories ever written This collection is easy for anyone to pick up without having to have extensive knowledge on the character beforehand which is why I found it to be so accommodating I haven t read much Punisher before Whether a seasoned Punisher fan or a newbie to the franchise you ll certainly be left wanting after reading this collection especially thanks to Garth Ennis legendary take on the character