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FREE READ To Forgive Design REVIEW To Forgive Design 100 When planes crash bridges collapse and automobile gas tanks explode we are uick to blame poor design But Henry Petroski says we must look beyond design for causes and corrections Known for his masterly explanations of engineering successes and failures Petroski here takes his analysis a step further to consider the larger context in which accidents occurIn To Forgive Design he surveys some of the most infamous failures of our time from the 2007 Minneapoli. This book is a combination memoir and history of design failures From the patterns developed by the relationship between failures and the striving for economical design the author draws conclusions regarding the dangers that can emerge from complexity and the subseuent passage of old designs on to new generations of designers who have forgotten old lessons Unexpected and unintended failures are obviously bad but once they occur the lessons learned are very valuable The whole process of understanding why the failure occurred as well as why the cause was missed in the design process are necessary for progress to be made Sometimes the design is adeuate but the construction process or the manufacturing of the material failed to meet the design intent Other times improper maintenance and corrosive environments are at fault for causing failure Thus there are many tiers of responsibility and communication that need to perform smoothly if public safety is to be maintained Some of the notable examples of failure that are discussed in the book include the 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse the 2009 Boston prolonged Big Dig the 2010 Gulf oil spill the 1912 sinking of the ship RMS Titanic the 1940 Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse and the 1986 Challenger and 2003 Columbia space shuttle accidents

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FREE READ To Forgive Design REVIEW To Forgive Design 100 S bridge collapse and the toppling of a massive Shanghai apartment building in 2009 to Boston’s prolonged Big Dig and the 2010 Gulf oil spill These avoidable disasters reveal the interdependency of people and machines within systems whose complex behavior was undreamt of by their designers until it was too late Petroski shows that even the simplest technology is embedded in cultural and socioeconomic constraints complications and contradictionsFailure t. The case studies presented have been discussed elsewhere in comparable detail with similar conclusions Aside from the author s tales of his own past there was little in the way of original insight

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FREE READ To Forgive Design REVIEW To Forgive Design 100 O imagine the possibility of failure is the most profound mistake engineers can make Software developers realized this early on and looked outside their young field to structural engineering as they sought a historical perspective to help them identify their own potential mistakes By explaining the interconnectedness of technology and culture and the dangers that can emerge from complexity Petroski demonstrates that we would all do well to follow their le. I like it because it is a non fiction book I appreciate the thorough explanations about metal fatigue testing strength of building materials and intended planned failure That was something I never thought of For instance crackers stamps and chocolate bars are perforated to break easily when a certain force is applied I had not previously thought of this concept A sprinkling system in case of fire has a thermo sensitive device that breaks when the air around it reaches the design activation temperature of the individual sprinkler Then the water starts flowing That is the intended design failure of the design Sometimes a component must fail in order for the larger system to succeed I don t particularly LIKE the narrator but I don t hate him either He is a bit annoying I noticed in Henry s last book To Engineer is Human that there is a sort of rivalry between physicists and engineers I have actually seen something similar when my old Science Methods teacher at the U had some disdain for applied science This does not indicate that the university s proud physicists have any less of a sense universality of purpose or of superiority over their engineer colleagues than physicists everywhere This line from the book says it all Reading about the horrible Challenger and Columbus failures the bridge disasters etc was fascinating Getting to the root of the problem understanding how to fix it for next time that s so important It reuires real investment of time as well as open minds There are so many variables around a plan crash a bridge collapse a chemical spill one must be open to learning from it and not decide what happened before investigating One of my favorite premises from the book is about the Titanic The Titanic was the most spectacular the best ship of its time If it had not hit an iceberg how many other ships would have been made to the same specifications before another hit an iceberg or a dock or another ship and exposed the weak area in the design Awesome book I will be reading by this author

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