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read & download Unnatural Causes Unnatural Causes review Ä 103 Richard Shepherd ë 3 review Rd solves the puzzle to answer our most pressing uestion how did this person dieFrom serial killer to natural disaster 'perfect murder' to freak accident Shepherd takes nothing for granted in pursuit of truth And while he's been involved in some of the most high profile cases of recent times it's often the less well known encounters that prov. This is a brilliant memoir from the UK s leading forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd seamslessly weaving together case studies from his work and details of his life storyDr Shepherd has worked on some of the most high profile cases during the course of his career in the UK and internationally including The Hungerford Massacre 1987 his first unsupervised major case and the one that left the first scar on his psyche The death of Princess Diana 1997 The Clapham Rail Disaster 1998 9 11 2001 Bali bombing 2002 77 London bombings 2005His writing is both clinical and warm he shows his humanity in the face of the horrors he confronts in his work He discusses candidly the PTSD that threatened to consume him Having worked in vet medicine there are cases that haunt me I still dream about the third animal I ever euthanized out of hundreds and am obsessive about always checking the bodies of animals hit by cars in case they are still alive and suffering I cannot imagine the impact of years of dealing with cases on the scale Dr Shepherd has Honestly I would be worried if it did not impact him He discusses the reality of his profession being unlike TV where the forensic teams sweep in to find the critical evidence and save the day Dr Shepherd describes police who sometimes view forensics with annoyance particularly when the evidence does not fit their narrative Dr Shepherd also covers his experiences as an expert witnessI enjoyed reading the medical bits I laughed at some paragraphs about the beauty of the internal organs and structures of bodies I feel the same but always felt slightly Jeffrey Dahmer esue trying to explain to friends the beauty of smooth pearly cartilage or the iridescent shimmer of the inside of an eyeball Dr Shepherd writes But I still had time to experience that sense of wonder at the body its intricate systems its colours and yes its beauty For blood is not just red it is bright red The gallbladder is not just green it is the green of jungle foliage The brain is white and grey and that is not the grey of a November sky it is the silver grey of darting fish The liver is not a dull school uniform brown it is the sharp red brown of a freshly ploughed fieldp48In detailing the putrefaction of bodies he describes the extraordinary and beautiful fern like patterns of the veins closest to the surface as bacteria spreads through the blood vesselsp101 If you are currently feeling ueasy this is where you should stop reading because the book also contains some interesting facts A person can die of bruising alone rarely but he describes the case of a 19 year old male sex worker who sustained 105 bruises and died of the resulting disseminated intravascular coagulation Adipose is the third stage of decomposition wherein the body s saturated fat undergoes a chemical change turning it into a waxy soap like substance preserving that part of the body like a waxwork As the process progresses it will turn grey and firm and it can sometimes reveal the cause of death by preserving a bullet hole A drowned body will develop opaue wrinkly skin often called washerwoman s hands After a few days left in the water the macerated skin will separate and peel off a process known as de glovingDr Shepherd notes This is no David Attenborough documentary He is not kidding But it is fascinating and brilliant

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read & download Unnatural Causes Unnatural Causes review Ä 103 Richard Shepherd ë 3 review As the UK's top forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd has spent a lifetime uncovering the secrets of the dead When death is sudden or unexplained it falls to Shepherd to establish the cause Each post mortem is a detective story in its own right and Shepherd has performed over 23000 of them Through his skill dedication and insight Dr Shephe. Dr Richard Shepherd wrote a most honest book about his profession and his personal life I am truly touched by his honesty but first and foremost by the respect he shows to all victims on whom he performed post mortem Each victim received Dr Shepherd s full attention and was treated with the utmost reverence All stories are sad the saddest are those of children who suffered abuse on the part of their parents Honesty which I mentioned refers also to the stress induced by his uniue profession that put a strain on his own health and family life This memoir is not an easy read but allowed me for the first time to learn about forensic pathology from a professional who is sincere and direct in a most respectful wayI listened to an audiobook read by the Author whose perfect diction and steady reading pace added to the delicate and difficult subject of the bookFive stars to the Author for the courage to write about his ups and downs and for the respect which I felt throughout whole bookA thank you to my GR Friends whose reviews encouraged me to read this book

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read & download Unnatural Causes Unnatural Causes review Ä 103 Richard Shepherd ë 3 review E the most perplexing intriguing and even bizarre In or out of the public eye his evidence has put killers behind bars freed the innocent and turned open and shut cases on their headsBut a life in death bearing witness to some of humanity's darkest corners exacts a price and Shepherd doesn't flinch from counting the cost to him and his family. Reading about Dr Richard Shepard UK Pathologist was not banal Truly adored his utterly vivid description of the 911Twin Towers trailers filled with body parts and his flair for recognizing the distinct smell of burned bodies His cases are told to us rather void of emotion and in a style lacking melancholic variation in tone During his career in the United Kingdom and America performing over 23000 autopsies which includes Princess Diana called in when a suspicious or unexplained death occurred and then Dr Richard Shepherd was retained to painstakingly solve the enigma with eagle like focus reuired to solve a uestionable death Light reading is not found here Common uestions at the crime scene where at what range At what direction and could the wound be self inflicted Death or injury by others to gain attention and other Munchausen revelations are highlighted as well and old familiar patterns are explained Mercy too is given by Dr Shepherd Perhaps I wanted to view that horrifying thingcalled death Pathology was interesting but forensic pathology was medicine and then some I understood that unlike other pathologists the forensic pathologist does have patientshis patients are dead Richard Shepherd MD Unnatural Causes is tear inspiring shocking and sad Death and science showtell all His own personal sacrifices for his profession work with knives at the dinner table and almost missing an opera with his wife were just a few No doubt this British pathologist has flawless record of careadvocacy for those who can no longer ask for justice Brilliant