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Wishful Drinking

Read & Download À Wishful Drinking è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Carrie Fisher Carrie Fisher ↠ 5 Read & Download Itutions It's an incredible tale from having Elizabeth Taylor as a stepmother to marrying and divorcing Paul Simon from having the father of her daughter leave her for a man to ultimately waking up one morning and finding a friend dead beside her in bed. The sad thing about this book is that my favorite part was the cover I mean that s a brilliant coverBut overall Not the book I was hoping for Fisher seems to have mostly transcribed her one woman show and the problem is what works for a performance doesn t hold up very well as a book Everything s sort of glossed over with self deprecating jokes and there s not a real sense of narrative or much in the way of self reflection I didn t really want a celebrity tell all but I would really be interested in what Fisher really thinks and feels about her struggles with addiction mental illness and the bizarreness of her fame Instead I mostly got a lot of jokes about how it s weird when guys talk about jacking off to Princess Leia It seemed like whenever she got too close to something painful it was danced around or told in such a way that felt like she was saying Ok told you about that got it out of the way so there There is some genuinely interesting and affecting material here but it s hard to find which is really disappointing

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Read & Download À Wishful Drinking è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Carrie Fisher Carrie Fisher ↠ 5 Read & Download In Wishful Drinking Carrie Fisher tells the true and intoxicating story of her life with inimitable wit Born to celebrity parents she was picked to play a princess in a little movie called Star Wars when only 19 years old But it isn't all sweetness and. Carrie Fisher s ever present sarcasm rubbed me the wrong way It was entertaining in the beginning but does one need to be sarcastic 247 to be funny NO I especially don t recommend the audiobook Also while this is shocking at times it is not very insightful or meaningful But well RIP Carrie Fisher

characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Carrie Fisher

Read & Download À Wishful Drinking è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free characters ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Carrie Fisher Carrie Fisher ↠ 5 Read & Download Light sabres Alas aside from a demanding career and her role as a single mother not to mention the hyperspace hairdo Carrie also spends her free time battling addiction weathering the wild ride of manic depression and lounging around various mental inst. 35 starsThis book is or less the written version of Carrie Fisher s stage production Wishful Drinking Carrie Fisher s stage show Wishful Drinking Carrie is probably best known for her role as the beautiful intrepid Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies Carrie was 19 when the first movie filmed and perhaps coincidentally this was when the actress transitioned from habitually smoking pot to using hallucinogens and opiates Carrie Fisher as Princess LeiaIn time Carrie became a drug addicted alcoholic with manic depressive disorder bipolar disorder 2 In this humorous mini biography written when Carrie was 52 the actress relates her story Carrie was born a celebrity being the child of actresssinger Debbie Reynolds and crooner Eddie Fisher Debbie Reynolds and Eddie FisherDebbie starred in iconic films like Singin in the Rain and Eddie has a long list of oldies but is better known for his scandals than his singing In a bombshell incident reminiscent of Brad Pitt leaving Jennifer Aniston for Angelina Jolie Eddie Fisher left Debbie Reynolds for the gorgeous widow Elizabeth Taylor Eddie Fisher with Elizabeth TaylorAs it happens Eddie also largely abandoned Carrie and her younger brother Todd Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher with their children Carrie and ToddCarrie Fisher with her brother ToddAccording to Carrie Debbie raised the kids in Los Angeles and Eddie checked in from time to time while flitting from one woman to another Eventually Eddie married a Chinese woman Betty Lin and after she died he started to date all of Chinatown Carrie notes that this was fitting because Eddie had gotten so many facelifts that he looked Asian himself LOLEddie Fisher with Betty LinCarrie sang in her mother s nightclub act from the ages of 13 to 17 and as it happens also started doing drugs at 13 Carrie Fisher sang in her mother s nightclub actCarrie got hold of a bag of pot and experimented her brains out with a friend Carrie started seeing shrinks at the age of 15but was not diagnosed as manic depressive until years later By that time Carrie was in her mid 20s and heavily into alcohol and drugs She used these to turn down the sound in her head and smooth her sharp corners Carrie s second shrink diagnosed her with bipolar disorder 1 and gave her prescription medication but Carrie didn t want to take it Instead the actress jumped on a plane went to New York and married her boyfriend singersongwriter Paul Simon Carrie notes that her first marriage mirrored her mother s first union both Paul Simon and Eddie Fisher were short Jewish singers Carrie Fisher married her boyfriend Paul SimonCarrie was in her late 20s when she overdosed and had her stomach pumped Realizing that her life had become unmanageable Carrie started attending 12 step programsthinking alcohol was her big problem Over the years Carrie had four relapses or explosions During these she would become sexually promiscuous spend excessively and abuse substances Finally Carrie s third and best psychiatrist correctly diagnosed her with bipolar disorder 2 and medicated her Unfortunately two of the pharmaceuticals interacted badly and Carrie was taken off her meds She ended up psychotic This eventually led to eletroconvulsive therapy which helped Carrie get better but robbed her of many memories Luckily Carrie had enough remembrances left to write this bookCarrie Fisher was diagnosed with bipolar disorderCarrie notes After all the rehabs and all the mental hospitals I thought to myself if what doesn t kill you makes you stronger I should be able to lift Cedars Sinai Hospital and glow in the dark Carrie Fisher learned to live with her mental illnessInterspersed with the tale of Carrie s addiction and mental illness are interesting snippets about her life Here are a few examples Carrie s stepfather Harry Karl Debbie s second husband was not a handsome man but was wealthy and well groomed said to be distinguished looking Carrie notes That s ugly with money To Carrie s amusement the very handsome Alec Baldwin played Harry in a movie LOLCarrie Fisher s stepfather Harry KarlAlec Baldwin played Harry Karl in the movie The Marrying Man Harry had a barber pimp who showed up every day with a manicurist wink wink When Debbie caught on to Harry s shenanigans she high tailed it to New York with the children to do a musical The couple soon divorcedbut not before Harry suandered all of Debbie s money When Todd Carrie s brother accidently shot himself in the leg with a gun Debbie called Carrie from the hospital with the following instructions Rush home and hide all the guns and bullets and flush Todd s marijuana down the toilet Carrie notes More like a mafia family than a show business one Todd Fisher accidentally shot himself Carrie adored her mother She describes Debbie as the prettiest funniest kindest mother uick and witty a consummate performer and an insanely strong life forcebut a little bit eccentric Debbie thought Carrie should have a baby with her Debbie s third husband Richard Hamlett because he had nice eyes Carrie declined Debbie Reynolds was a kind pretty mother Debbie Reynolds with her third husband Richard HamlettCarrie had a beautiful daughter Billie with her second husband Brian Lourd When Billie was one Brian left Carrie for a man named Scott This devastated the actressand perhaps exacerbated her mental illnessCarrie Fisher with her second husband Brian LourdCarrie Fisher with her daughter Billie After Star Wars became a megahit Carrie was merchandised into a little doll a shampoo bottle a soap a watch a Mrs Potato Head a Lego figure a stamp and a Pez dispenser Much to Carrie s dismay she s even a sex doll Carrie notes If someone tells me to go fuck myself I can give it a whirl Ha ha haPrincess Leia dollPrincess Leia Mrs Potato HeadPrincess Leia Pez dispenserTowards the end of the book Carrie acknowledges The place I ve arrived at in my life isn t everyone s idea of heavenlybut I m in a good place Both Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds died in December 2016 and they re missed Fortunately we ll always have their stories and filmsThe book is entertaining and amusing and provides an instructive and uplifting story about coping with addiction and mental illness If you re interested in the subject it s well worth reading You can follow my reviews at

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