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Innocence Evagardian #4 characters î 8 Sean Danker Á 8 Free download Summary Innocence Evagardian #4 BadI've come a long way to get here but I'm just getting started The whole galaxy is watching every move I make and listening to every word I say so the only safe place is my mindThat isn't very comforti. First thank you to goodreads giveaway The admiral is back in an action packed tale There are uite a few flashbacks to the admiral s young adulthood I have to admit I was a little shocked at how ruthless he was in this tale but he is as interesting as always While Danker does try and give the reader reminders I do feel that I probably should have reread Free Space before getting into this one as I had forgotten some of the facts and I did feel slightly lost at times

Summary Innocence Evagardian #4Innocence Evagardian #4

Innocence Evagardian #4 characters î 8 Sean Danker Á 8 Free download Summary Innocence Evagardian #4 Re is for the enjoyment of the fans whose subscriptions keep the place runningYou murdered twenty million innocent people one of them tells me And you know what When he puts it like that it sounds kind of. in fourth book I need to catch up with third we meet our protagonist mysterious Admiral as he is unceremoniously dropped on a prison asteroid after his arrest by Evagardian forces at the end of book 2 but with a catch To profit off the various shady characters and criminals local authorities give them two options get ransomed in 60 days or killed if not ransomed in time become a participant in live big brother like show where people from the outside watch and follow the prisoner s life as a laborers but also as entertainers that kill each other off in a spectacular ways for extra points that amount to earlier release remember Schwarzenegger s The Running Man Now imagine entire place is size of the asteroid with prisoners native alien life forms and beasts to surviveFrom the start it is obvious that Admiral has a secret agenda and that he is being hunted not only by inmates but also by Evagard and Free Space forces We follow him as he slowly gets toward the climax of the novel where his past gets to him big way I do not want to spoil anything here but twist was very interesting and unexpected Admiral is a sort of a man who plans at least 20 steps ahead and it is joy to see how every action and step he makes starts making sense at the end We also get to see glimpses of his past that start to explain Admiral s character I hope this aspect of story telling continues in future booksExcellent spy action adventure novel I am truly looking forward to future books in the seriesRecommended to all fans of thrillers and excellent SF spy action

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Innocence Evagardian #4 characters î 8 Sean Danker Á 8 Free download Summary Innocence Evagardian #4 No one's sure if I'm a hero or a monster but there's no uestion that I'm locked up in the most brutal penitentiary in regulated space This isn't just a prison it's entertainment everything that goes on he. I was caught by surprise by the release of Innocence and it instantly went up to the top of my To Be Read pileI have been eagerly waiting to know what happened to the Admiral after Free Space the second novel of the series Book 3 The Glory of the Empress was a fantastic preuel that puts characters and events of both previous novels in perspective I absolutely loved it and it made me want to reread the first two novels to have everything in order in my head They were as enjoyable if not on a second passThe only downside to book 3 was that Free Space ended in an intense cliff hanger so I was very eager to know how that turned outAnd then we have Innocence where we see the Admiral end up in a prison that uses their inmates for entertainment His time is short and everyone wants a piece of himWe get to see both how ruthless the Admiral is when survival is at stake and Danker also shows us about his youth in CohengardLike the previous novels we get cameos from previous characters so if your memory serves you well you will find some really cool connections but even if not Danker does a good job of reminding you who they are and what they didThe novel is intense unpredictable and vicious Also we learn a lot about the Admiral s motivations but one thing we have come to know is that he is not the most reliable narrator This ends up giving us a number of turnarounds and surprises that made it worth waiting a few yearsThere was a moment where I was asking myself about a void in the story that the Admiral hadn t addressed and when he did it blew me out of the water The end is very clearly a window to the next novel but I bet it will be as unpredictable as this oneDanker wrote that he expects the next one won t take as long to releaseI sure hope not because I am hooked on these novels and I really want to know what happens next