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Ronald L. Smith ´ 0 characters Gloom Town review ↠ 100 Exactly what Foxglove and his otherworldly accomplices are planning and devise a strategy to defeat them But can two kids defeat a group of ancient evil beings who are determined to take over the wor. As the new valet at Foxglove Manor Rory discovers that things are not what he d hoped There are unusual guests a forbidden red door and a grumpy old butler who watches his every move Things really go south when Rory discovers a human heart buried in the garden He has kept everything hidden from his mother but not from his best friend Izzy When Lord Foxglove steals their shadows they decide to get them back and free the town from Foxglove s evil plot Rory is kidnapped on their way to the manor but Izzy escapes and arrives with reinforcements just in time to save him Together they pass through the red door and discover an evil ueen feasting on shadows in order to reenter the corporeal world Rory s stone necklace shatters on the ground releasing his shadow which defeats the voracious ueen The defeat of the ueen has released Rory s father from her prison and he has returned unaware that he has a son Rory discovers that his father is a mage and so is he Mages attend the Bastion for training and Rory decides that he would like to learn there Izzy is determined to go with himThis is so close to being a truly outstanding story The premise is intriguing the plot moves along apace and the characters are likeable or detestable in approiate measure but the story seems to get lost in it s possibilities somehow Rory s time in the mansion is perfect creepy characters danger around every corner and a malevolent mystery to be solved His best friend Izzy is a wonderful and courageous heroine who inspires Rory to his own great deeds The adventure is always up to par and the mystery of the town and it s inhabitants is well plotted The flat feeling comes from Rory s mother who doesn t seem to uite fit in with the rest of the characters and the story Perhaps this is because the story is told from her twelve year old son s point of view but it would be nice if she was dashing and daring to match Rory Izzy and Goldenrod The descriptions of people and places provide intrigue and interest and it is easy to visualize this as a great Disney movie The right actress could supply the bravado his mother needs and the story would be perfect escapism

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Gloom Town

Ronald L. Smith ´ 0 characters Gloom Town review ↠ 100 When twelve year old Rory applies for a job at a spooky old mansion in his gloomy seaside town he finds the owner Lord Foxglove odd and unpleasant But he and his mom need the money so he takes the job. I m of two minds about this bookOn the one hand I like the characters and setting I want to read adventures with them I want to see what their next steps are But the narrative has a very odd flowThere are multiples turns to the story It s not that the surprises are too much out of left field But when there s three narrative turns their placement will almost necessarily be awkward The climax and long epilogue make this feel like a prologue to an already existing story rather than a stand aloneMuch of the tension also has an odd balance The protagonists are young And given the rules of the world there s a limit to what they can conceivably do But they should still have some agency over what happens in order for there to be a victory Instead the main plot resolution is practically an accident a trinket ex machina Given their cleverness and how hard they worked I felt the deserved better

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Ronald L. Smith ´ 0 characters Gloom Town review ↠ 100 Anyway Rory soon finds out that his new boss is not just strange he’s not even human and he’s trying to steal the townspeople’s shadows Together Rory and his friend Isabella set out to uncover. I received this arc from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a very fast read that I think I would have enjoyed a lot when I was younger It s got an interesting magical mystery two strong characters and some fun plot points The writing and plot were pretty simplistic but still conveyed a good story This isn t among my favorites of the children s books I read as an adult category but I did enjoy the book

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