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  • Queen of Klutz (Sibby Series Book 1)
  • Samantha Garman
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  • 21 October 2017
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Queen of Klutz (Sibby Series Book 1)

Download ✓ ueen of Klutz (Sibby Series Book 1) 106 Ay with a boyfriend and a job I ended my day with a bottle of teuila I'll let you connect the dotsSomehow I wound up working as. Truly EnjoyableWitty sarcastic and some good amount of silver linings thrown inNo major drama angst or anything too serious so no major downer momentsI like Sibby s lines and humour and her whole one woman show but as a person I don t think I like her that much reallyMaybe because I read the rest of the books as well and there are things that made her drop in popularity in my eyes there s plenty of that in book 1 too actually so yeah I stand by what I saidShe is self centred and judgemental and if you look beyond those witty rapid fire conversations it s easily detectable I find her to be a prime example for the millennial generation tbh Aidan is kinda too good for her but she loves him and that s probably the one thing she becomes selfless in regards to her relationship with him takes her being a douche for a long time but then she comes to her sensesThere s some other observations to make but I m all out of brain powerOverall I would recommend I can tell when the author wrote this she probably had like a mini series in mind because it does read like a tv show and it has potential so who knowsWe are all about entitled 20 somethings being knee deep in existential problems in New York while they figure out they life scratch that while good things keep happening to them and they get miraculously successful and their whole life changes in a year because they so deserve it after being so down on their luck considering their spectacularly unselfish non judgemental selves Yay for of the same crpSooo I sound like I hate it but I didn t I mean like I said I was entertained by the humorous lines being thrown left and right

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Download ✓ ueen of Klutz (Sibby Series Book 1) 106 A waitress at an Italian restaurant I have no idea what I'm doing And I'm not just talkin' about lifeThis should be interestin. OMGThis book is comedic genius I literally could not put this book down This is completely different from what I normally would read but found that actually without the sex in the scene I could not have loved it It can only be described as laugh out loud hystericalSibby literally is like my spirit animal and following her life really made me realise my own isn t all that bad Yes this is just a book but as someone who is about to be 31 it s nice to see a story about a woman not having her life together Aiden is literally the most amazing man and yes he isn t my usual burly alpha type man but he just completes my workI can t wait to dive into book two now Edouard Manet Rebel in a Frock Coat usual burly alpha type man but he just completes my workI can t wait to dive into book two now

characters Queen of Klutz (Sibby Series Book 1)

Download ✓ ueen of Klutz (Sibby Series Book 1) 106 Choose the best phrase to describe Sibby Goldstein's life1 Sucky2 Really sucky3 Major suck festD All of the aboveI started my d. Ok so I m going to start out by saying all the good things about this book and there s a lotThe author is hilarious there is amazing dialogue and it s realistic and not overdone there s not crazy instant anything everything takes time and is true to real life while still being fun and entertainingMy biggest problem with this book is that it is like 910ths dialogue The author is obviously comfortable doing screenplays than books which isn t bad but this is a book and in books there is character building outside of dialogue and there is world building but this book lacked all of that You didn t really get an inside look at the inner emotion and turmoil of the characters not even the lead character who you should be able to get a better feel for internally in a book The book also lacked real conflict the lead was a klutz and her life was messy and so it was entertaining but that s all it was about It focused on that rather than the parts of her life that were jacked up her process that took her from where she was at the beginning to where she was at the end or anything else really except for the situational comedy of her lifeIn short this book is funny and hilarious but it just leaves you with the feeling of promise unfulfilled I don t think I will be buying the other books I would rent these on KU but for the price the book just lacks what it takes to be a memorable and impactful book and I don t want to waste my money on a book I won t want to reread considering I had a hard time finishing this one