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review One for the Gods ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub An adventure Back in print after years of being unavailable to generations of Merrick fans comes the follow up to the national best seller The Lord Won't Mind The saga concludes with Forth Into Light. Reading Challenge 2017 book about travel Starting on the island of Saint Tropez Charlie and Peter travel in a sailboat with the Kingsley s a couple with issues of their own Sailing in the Aegean Sea stopping at various Greek islands until Charlie has a fit leaves the boat and buys a house on Hydra Island which ends their journey A storm at sea lusty bandits a drunk captain a possibly pregnant wife friendly islanders and a self realization make for an interesting tale This only makes me want to travel to Greece to visit as well The second book of the trilogy is a vehicle for the third in that it gives Peter and Charlie a reason to leave America behind and live on the Greek island

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review One for the Gods ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub First there was Charlie and PeterTheir love affair broke a lot of conventions but it didn't break them all For Peter and Charlie are in love with each other and with Martha And Martha is passionately. Gordon Merrick is the dirty fetishg loving Jackie Collins cousin to the highbrow works of Armistead Maupin Which means it is melodramatic filled with sex and two impossibly good looking leadsI loved itHonestly though the works of Merrick live in a strange twilight world of fiction one of the first series about gay men a successful series and written by a straight man This is second in the Peter and Charlie series started in The Lord Wont Mind and follows the two lovers through Greece and the Mediterranean in the 1950s While there is plenty to wince at with some odd dialouge groan inducing interalized homophobia within the characters and a sly and slight bit of sexism at play despite all this I found m

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review One for the Gods ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub In love with them bothFrom St Tropez to Athens to Mykonos this powerful moving novel follows their devastating triangle of romance and desire through a world of sun drenched pleasure and Mediterrane. The seuel to The Lord Won t Mind catches up with Peter and Charlie in 1950 in the South of France and charts a turbulent few months in their relationship including an interesting yacht trip to the Greek islands I found the seuel much enjoyable than the first story maybe because the emotions felt real Although the dialogue still sounded odd and in my head they sounded like Bertie Wooster But written in 19701 you ve got to hand it to the guy it s seriously racy stuff