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The Friend Its Just Us Here #1

Summary The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 Christopher X. Sullivan ñ 2 Characters The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 Free download Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Y then jump in at Book Four of this self portrait The Lover Otherwise come along for the ride and meet the man who would sweep me off my feet Mark Wolff one of the top ten most self absorbed men in the whole world NOTE This book is a 95000 word romantic self portrait featuring the beginnings of a ueer relationship It is the first book of a trilogy which is itself part of a larger trilogy Low heat for now I don't think we need trigger warnings for this book but future installments might warrant them Maybe that can serve as enough of a warning Warning this book if full of life. I only saw myself as the friend The good friend The friend that would rely on Mark like how flowers relied on the sun I could only hope that he didn t burn me I won t give this book a rating because rating a memoir feels like rating someone s life which makes me deeply uncomfortable I have to say though that if this wasn t Christopher X Sullivan s life story I would have given it at least 45 The Friend is the first of a 10 book memoir that tells the love story of Chris and Mark with all the hiccups the hurt and the happiness that a real ongoing story has All I ever wanted was for our story the story of me and Mark told through the eyes of a non sexual narrator I wanted that story to be available so that other people that might see themselves in print could have someone to identify with This is one of those books together with How To Be A Normal Person I wish I had when I was a 17 year old freaking the hell out about their sexuality I looked at both boys and girls with the same clinical eyes and to the 17 year old me that was unacceptable I couldn t be anything other than straight could I Spoiler alert I m not I m asexual it took me a long time to accept it and an even longer time to fully wrap my head around it but that s who I am And it s perfectly okay Anyways back to The Friend After that introduction you might guess what first drew me to this book Christopher X Sullivan himself states right at the beginning of this wonderful wonderful story and in the synopsis that I consider myself to be asexual though I prefer saying non sexual and much prefer having no label at all and have been my whole life As such I never thought I d be in a loving wholehearted relationship with an incredibly sexual person How could I not give it a shot And how could I not end up loving it To uote the author again Do you know how many asexual characters forget main characters but just regular old characters I can relate on TV shows Characters with so called personality defects or maybe some form of autism Or something else that s supposed to make them super nerds or social rejectsThat s not a realistic representation of asexualsWhich is why as an ace reader I m always happy to read about people I can relate toAnd oh boy did I relate to Chris If I had to make the list of the things we have in common I d probably end up writing an essay rather than review Let s just say we both hate compliments Compliments were to be avoided at all costs I hate people looking at me and judging me we both don t like being at the centre of the attention we don t like clubs and well you need to read the book if you want to find out Speaking of reading despite being a memoir this book reads like a light hearted ueer romance The writing stile flows without hiccups and it ll keep you glued to the page together with the story until you reach the very end And you ll be left craving for Thank you Christopher X Sullivan for your bravery It takes a lot of courage to write and publish your life story especially when you re a private person Thank you I can t wait to read your lifeThis book will be important for a lot of readers and I m proud to be able to recommend it to all of you

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Summary The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 Christopher X. Sullivan ñ 2 Characters The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 Free download Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free G Well and kinda right I'm Chris and this is my story It's not a traditional romance This is my version of a Happily Ever After which means Mark and I became great friends and that's it Mark and I end this first installment of my self portrait in a ueer Platonic Relationship There was cuddling and emotional closeness but nothing remotely sexual at least not to my mind Mark obviously wanted and he would eventually get it but this book Book One of It's Just Us Here would have been my perfect ideal romance If you need banging and crazy monkey sex to keep your interest in a stor. 5 StarsI ll start off by linking my review for The Book of Beginnings which is where I started on my journey with Mark and Chris and became hooked Fangirling is probably accurate unapologetic shrug Warning This linked review goes well beyond spoilersish in nature when considering what this book focuses on The Friend but I feel that my review was much elouent well as much as I can actually be when sueeing than what will take place in this review for the single installment of The Friend I m not going to walk through this book because the blurb does a great job of explaining exactly what to expect with this romantic self portrait My initial thoughts after reading this book were did I really just read a little over 300 pages about becoming friends About single individuals finding common interests while deepening their connection platonically With some of their interactions having intimacy than those in physical relationships It s not just a book about meeting a friend it s so much because these men are opposites with their own hangups hard limits deep feelings and insecurities Any other story and I would ve been sleeping if I had to read that much about a simple friendship But I think these pages are laced with crack and kept me coming back for In this case the crack I m referring to are two uirky both are in their own way men understanding who they are as individuals and finding their way to a deep relationship that is soooo much than FriendsDid I mention that this is a REAL story About real men dealing with real emotions and real life events I will 100% continue on this journey of finding love while sometimes getting lost and needing to take the scenic routes Recommended Copy provided for honest review

Christopher X. Sullivan ñ 2 Characters

Summary The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 Christopher X. Sullivan ñ 2 Characters The Friend Its Just Us Here #1 Free download Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free An asexual man meets a male model and slowly falls in love Mark the model has not been challenged in his life and is emotionally withdrawn He returns to Chicago in the hopes of reconnecting with his college friends but everyone has moved on without him starting families and growing up Chris the writer is socially awkward and introverted He actively tries to be as invisible as possible The two men meet one day in Chris' favorite park and strike up a friendship Since this is written as a romance you probably have a pretty good idea where the story goes from there You'd be wron. Now LIVE on I m going to get very serious with this review I already said in The Book of Beginnings It s Just Us Here that Chris s life story is affecting me deeply like a mirror has been opened into my own soul but I never said why So I m going to share something very personal to show you just how important this book is for asexuals I will share this once and then never talk about it again I used to see my life like a piano symphony Everyday I woke up to play my song over and over again until the tune was flawless Every hurdle every fear every limitation was a broken note in my symphony I didn t like my song to be out of tune and just like a piano player rehearsed those broken passages to perfection I too came back again and again to my fears and hurdles and limitations until I pulverized them But I never knew what to do about my sexuality I never understood why I never looked at a man or a woman or any human being for that matter and could never see them as a sexual partner I never understood why I never felt the butterflies in my stomach when I was kissed I never knew the goosebumps of a touch on my arm and I never was really truly interested in sex When friends in high school asked me who do you like I always shrugged When I was asked Who is the hottest boy in school I shrugged Twelve years ago I thought I was broken I thought I had received a defective body at incarnation My symphony was out of tune and I had no idea how to play the notes Boy I wish I had Chris s book then I wish I knew what an asexual was twelve years ago I wish I knew there were others like me out there and that is okay not to feel any sexual desires towardsanyone I really thought I was broken And I could not accept it So I hid it and created a persona for myself which I showed to everyone except my boyfriend who is also my best friend and was the only one that knew me for real For everybody else I was a great actor and I played the role of Mark the social butterfly like a pro I considered my lack of sexuality a limitation I never accepted my limitations or my fears They were broken notes and I rehearsed them until they played so right smoke came out of the piano strings Just like Chris I hate being complimented and being told I was attractive So I started modelling to get used to it when I was 19Just like Chris I hate being the center of attention Guess who leads a global team in a corporation and has to give live presentations in front of hundreds of peopleJust like Chris I hate clubs As a manager I need to lead my team to those stupid corporate events and act like I have fun The soul of the party I have been called One of my best acts ever I m a very indoor person I like to cuddle and vegetate on my couch read and maybe write I couldn t accept that either so I shipped my ass to Camino de Santiago and walked 400 miles to Santiago de Compostela to call myself outdoorsy Just like Chris I once thought I may be gay if I didn t have any interest in men maybe I was interested in women So I went to a lesbian club to test it out Worst Decision Ever I was 19 at that time I was a former athlete The sport I practiced reuired me lifting weights I could push up to 90kg so even if I was like 57 kg myself I could lift someone almost twice my weight I have a problem with personal space I have a problem with touching without my permission I have a problem with people being sexually aggressive So I went to the club And to say that those ladies were aggressive in coming onto me it is mildly put Chris was cute when he was saying that he blushed and transformed into a turtle and hid whenever someone was coming onto him I transformed into fucking King Kong This lady touched my leg in the club I felt beyond uncomfortable I frowned at her hand and asked her to take it away She didn t I asked her again She grabbed my thigh and sueezed That poor poor lady She never knew what hit her She flew over the couch on the other side like a torpedo Guess who had her personal space the entire night Ten meters of it Only recently I have realized how wrong I was playing the symphony Because I was not accepting myself I was not playing my own song but the song society had built for me Soon the illness came I strongly believe that every disease in your body is triggered by a negative emotion you kept locked away until it started to affect your body When you don t accept yourself and you don t love yourself as a woman you get issues with your ovaries Everything is well now I am healthy I have a completely different approach to life and I have been in a relationship with my best friend for 11 years But it has been a work of many many years to get me where I am now and to get me to accept myself Reading the Friend right now in this period of my life feels like a final compensation from my oversoul that all is well with me and I have passed the trials of this game of acceptance But I still wish I had Chris s book earlier It would have been so helpful it would have been a lesson on how to understand myself I believe Mark was a God given gift to Chris Without Mark Chris would never have been so happy as he is now No matter the struggles between them they were meant for each other meeting at the right time in the right period of their lives so they could grow together and balance each other out until they became one single soul one single heart and one single breath I cried several times during this book because I could connect to both Mark and Chris and feel the love they have for each other This book shows the beginning when they were just friends Seeing them slowly fall in love and not realizing it was completely beautiful God I love this series It s different than anything I have ever read in my life This will be one of those books I will read over and over again as the years will passI am compelled by the goodreads rules to say that I am one of the beta readers of The Friend together with Gabriella and Annob so I did receive this for free from the author and my opinion is honest If you didn t get that yet

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