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When You Were Older Read ☆ 104 I was doing my best to get out the door And then the phone rang I almost let it go New York September 11th 2001Russell Ammiano is rushing to work when he gets a phone call that saves his life As the city he loves is hi. A phone call saves Russell s life when the September 11 Twin Towers disaster strikes At the same time it brings him bad news His mother has died and he must go back to Kansas and decide what to do about his older brother Ben who is mentally disabled How can Russell possible care for Ben when his work and life are in New York The slightest change of routine can send Ben into a spin and tantrums that seem to last forever As well as the issues of family and sibling relationships which the reader learns about as the story goes on there are also issues of post traumatic stress syndrome racism and violence The story stats on September 15 2001 and then goes back to the days leading up to that till it eventually comes back to September 15 But there are also chapters that go back to incidents from Russell s and Ben s childhood This are all clearly labelled so there is no confusion I was hooked into this story from the first page and felt for Russell who seemed to have had than his share or hard times in his life Some of the incidents with Russell and Ben are amusing Others are heartbreaking Guilt plays a part in this story even though sometimes that guilt is unwarranted This is also a story of romance and love that can be found unexpectedly But it is also a story of violence distrust and hate As a reader I had moments of laughter tears and anger which shows how involved I was with the characters I did think the ending seemed a bit rushed through and a bit neatly tied up But all in all I found this a captivating story with great characters and one that deals with issues of our society Having read several of this author s book I really enjoy this author s work She gets to the heart of issues people have

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When You Were Older Read ☆ 104 T by unimaginable tragedy Russell must turn his back and hurry home to KansasKansas September 14th 2001Ben Ammiano is mentally disabled and a creature of habit Any change to his routine sends him into a spin But now hi. and the award for the amount of humanity woven into a book goes to Catherine Ryan Hyde Based on my experience with the previous and first to me book by this author Don t Let Me Go I ve had only a faint idea of what to expect small people waging their everyday battles love and devotion strength of human spirit and generosity in abundance Our heroes in When You Were Older are Russell who worked in one of the towers and thought he had left his small town far behind his brother Ben who sustained a brain damage as child and is incapable of living alone after mother s death Anat and her father who being of Egyptian origin become targets for people to take out their frustrations toward everything Middle Eastern their neighbors and friends some of them sent to war never to come backCatherine looks at a fistful of people in a small town in the aftermath of the 911 tragedy and describes what probably went through people s minds wherever they were in the world in that moment It s a complex tale of tolerance guilt forgiving and love When everything changes in a matter of minutes Russell must deal with the loss of his new life that burned down in the debris of the towers and return to a life he ran away from This book is about trying to make sense and reason with what happened while confronted with another life changing tragedy The author does it with much grace and warmth and bit by bit restores your faith in humanityMaybe in all that Russell comes out as a bit too perfect So does the rest of the cast There s a happy ending after all the obstacles have been heroically overcome But in this case it works It s not a book to provoke hate but to promote optimism Read it when you need something uplifting a moral boost and a book that makes you happyThe moment I received the ARC I took a peek at the first page I didn t stop until I finished the whole book in one day Parting from the book even for a few minutes was nearly a torture filled with the yearning to be back You know that fantastic feeling that you only get from great books As soon as I finished it I had the need to start again and I ll definitely reread it some time soon This is my new feel good book

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When You Were Older Read ☆ 104 S estranged brother has reappeared and Ben's simple ordered world has turned upside downIn a story as heartbreaking as it is uplifting two brothers must bury their pasts and learn from each other if they are to survive. What a story Beautiful hopeful but also at times heartbreaking If you ve ever been at the bottom perhaps this book will remind you that it s possible to go up again who matters and how to get through it

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