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  • Hardcover
  • 376
  • A Whole New World
  • Liz Braswell
  • English
  • 03 May 2018
  • 9781484707296

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Free read ´ A Whole New World 109 What if Jafar was the first one to summon the Genie When Jafar steals the Genie’s lamp he uses his first two wishes to become sultan and the most powerful sorcerer in the world Agrabah lives in fea. What if it were Jafar who summoned the genie What if he became the new sultan was granted a great power no one else could surpass and took complete control of the city of AgrabahCan you recognize your dearly loved fairy tale in this I couldn t Certainly the author s purpose was to twist the story we all know about and give us a different version of it a darker one And it was Darker that is I don t recall gobs of happy scenes When there were some they were mostly featuring Aladdin and Jasmine cuddling kissingThis action packed book had a rather sufficiently built world easily visualized but what was lacking almost missing was characterization Only a scant amount of characters were comparable in personality to the ones in the original version Liz Braswell wrote Jafar s character representatively close to the real one and Abu s too but as for Aladdin and Jasmine and the sultan not so muchIt was fast paced yet to have the opportunity to enter the two main characters thoughts better and actually get attached to them I wanted it to be slower There were also than a handful of new roles in this story friends and enemies as well as some characters meant for a cameo appearance but I think that the characters a story possesses the slower the pacing should be Doesn t mean that it can t have action but it s important to take a chapter here and there and focus a little on the protagonists and less on the guest mission adventure etcI will also add that I uite enjoyed the genie even if he wasn t as hilarious or present as in Aladdin The last time I watched the aforementioned movie was three years ago I believe and I remember being unable to stop myself from laughing and that whenever he opened his mouth Finally even if there was a lot of villainy throughout the story the conclusion will satisfy most of the readers A surprising and slightly unnecessary in my point of view death occurred but it was an ending that will most likely gladden a reader s heart nonetheless

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Free read ´ A Whole New World 109 Tear the kingdom apart in a costly civil war What happens next A Street Rat becomes a leader A princess becomes a revolutionary And readers will never look at the story of Aladdin in the same way aga. DNF at 49%The first 25% was EXACTLY like the movie frame by frame line by line It s like someone sat there watching the movie describing EVERY scene to me and regurgitating EVERY line of dialogueI get that this was an Aladdin retelling but couldn t there have been some variance YeeshAt 25% things finally branch off into a totally new direction that what if factor But it didn t get any better The characters were LITERALLY cardboard Zero passion zero development zero everything They just existed and that s it They were not fleshed out at all Javar was the villain obviously but he felt like a background character He seemed so hollow and not scary Everything about the book felt middle grade than YA There was no depth no intensity no epicness It was like a somewhat ridiculous case of Our band of teenagers will DEFEAT EVIL SAVE THE WORLD I love YA but I ve outgrown middle grade and this felt very much like something that I d outgrown The romance was insta lovey Or at least insta crushy It s like that in Aladdin I know but for some reason it feels totally okay in the movie But in a book I expect With pages and room for development I want to see a better slower thought out romanceI was curious to see how the story would turn out but to be honest I just wasn t enjoying it at all I was dragging my feet and finally got tired of it

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Free read ´ A Whole New World 109 R waiting for his third and final wishTo stop the power mad ruler Aladdin and the deposed Princess Jasmine must unite the people of Agrabah in rebellion But soon their fight for freedom threatens to. STOP THE PRESSES The Line power mad ruler Aladdin and the deposed Princess Jasmine must unite the Your Naughty Playmate 3 Cuckolding Fantasy people of Agrabah in rebellion But soon their fight for freedom threatens to. STOP THE PRESSES