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Review ✓ Once Bitten Twice Shy ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Beauty and the beastFashion model Simone Atkinson had her reasons for being afraid of men whose guarded expressions hid private demons Which is why all alarms went off when Angus Grey. Re Once Bitten Twice Shy Robyn Donald writes the best kitten rescue in HPlandia It is a little orange and white kitten and this kitten is awesome She is right up there with Marmalade of Lace and Satin and Oliver who actually ranks first on the adult cat rescue situation of Not For Sale and Harvey of Lovers in the Afternoon Oh yeah there is a love story in there too but really Sinbad the different colored eye kitty was the star of the show She even goes trekking with her cat staff to make sure they do things rightBut I will tell you about the dramatic rescue in a bit there is some backstory to cover here This book is the seuel to A Willing Surrender huge spoilerizations are hereThe H is named Angus and I always think of a big black steer when I read that name so we will just call him Mr AngryCrankyPants instead And HE IS Mr ACP is pretty much irked the entire book mainly cause his beloved lil sis is married to the man who ran off with his ex wife while Mr ACP was still married to her See the book above So thankfully we get no Mr ACP pov view during this HP outing I am sure my ears would be burning if they didAnyhows Mr ACP is one mad puppy and so when he sees our sweet and kind h Simone who has a whole drama backstory of her own he notices she looks a LOT like his ex wife in body type height and hair and eye color sveltetallredgreen Mr ACP hates that But it is also what turns his lurve mojo motor onSweet Simone notices Mr ACP s earie mad faces and she feels that spine tingling chill she just isn t sure it is fear that is tingling her They meet during an Old West town modeling shoot Mr ACP just wandered by because he heard there were some fellow Kiwi s mucking about and he wondered if he knew any of them As RD likes to remind us NZ is a really small place so people are always tripping over each other Plus they like to gad about too so it isn t surprising to run into one or twenty outside of NZThe sparks between Mr ACP and Sweet Simone are fierce but there is a fashion editor named Julia in the party as well and she is eyeing up all six ft four inches of Mr ACP like the grade A prime hunk of beef he is and he has brains too Mr ACP is an inventor and doing well at it by the clothes he snarls around in Sweet Simone has to be professional tho so when the shoot photographer makes suggestive statements that indicate she is his lover she just smiles mysteriously and gets on with things Then SS gets a phone call that her mother who was a huge promoter of living out her vicarious modeling high life aspirations via SS has died Poor SS s mum only got three years of the proxy good life before she was struck with early onset Alzheimer s and began a long slow slide that is now finally over Sweet Simone is in great distress Julia the editor is not very empathetic she paid a lot of money to get SS on this shoot and she wants her photo spread darn it So SS who puts professional contracts in great priority cause that is how you get to the top of super modeling and can pay for pricey hospice care and a retirement agrees to stay for one day and finish the shoot Then she goes home to grieve over her pushy but now sadly gone before her time mother SS s dad had passed away a year after SS started modeling at 15 her mother entered her picture in a contest and she won and then her mother made her take the contract offered in New York thus abandoning her husband and SS s father That was sad too cause SS loved her dad and he loved her for who she was not for how she looked or how much money she could earn Sweet Simone rents a bach on the beach she needs private peace time and doesn t care that it is the freezing cold of winter She gets there and notices that her duplex bach has another occupant SS isn t too keen on that but hopefully nobody will run into each other Then we find out Mr ACP is the new neighbor he promises to leave the h alone tho and we know that he is totally fibbing he tracked the h to the bach probably by dating Julia who has SS s temporary address SS believes him tho and then we get to the good partThe weather is bad there is a big storm and the waves are really big and cold SS is having a walking mourning moment on the beach when a bunch of tangled driftwood moves It is a kitten Stuck on the little raft like driftwood and going out to sea OH NOES SS shows us why she is an HP h With no hesitation she plunges into the icy wave tossed water and tries to get the kitten The kitten is terrified she was adventuring and then the land moved She scratches SS and a big wave comes and knocks everyone over SS is freezing hypothermia is setting in and all of the sudden Mr ACP is there and pulling both SS and the kitten out There is mad rushings to the bach and Mr ACP is assigned Kitten Klean Up duty after he pulls off SS s clothes and gets her into a warm bath Mr ACP may not be a people person but he is an excellent cat staffer He cleans washes and feeds the little sailor cat and then he finds a hot water bottle and a soft fluffy blanket for the her little bed box He does kitty litter things too SS comes out of the bath a lot warmer and notices that Mr ACP has scratches from the kitten claws She puts some antiseptic on them and then we take a really good look at the rescued Kitten She has one blue eye one gold eye and is an orange color with a white bib and white paws It is true love at first sight her name will be Sinbad cause she is sailor cat even if she is a girl Mr ACP and SS share some foods and have a nice talk Then Mr ACP and SS start getting to know each other better while Sinbad keeps an eye out by doing Sinbad things like stalking leaves When it looks like Mr ACP might go off to do his own thing Sinbad lures him back to SS by making attempts to foray to the beach Mr ACP has to use bits of grass and newspapers on a string to keep Sinbad from making another sailing go of things but it keeps Mr ACP with SS and provides valuable Sinbad entertainment too Then Mr ACP and SS have to go town to make a vet appointment for shots and a well Sinbad check There is a roofie kissing moment and afterwards Mr ACP gets nervous and runs off to hide Sweet Simone is startled too cause she is still petting unicorns and kittens even tho she was married at 19 to an artist for five months The problem was the artist was impotent and obsessed with SS looks and form and did not see her as a person but he told her that if they consummated the marriage he would lose his painting talent and then he got really weird SS wanted love and a marriage the artist guy blew up said ugly ranty things and then ran out after attempting to hurt SS but couldn t perform SS took off she wasn t stupid and then she filed for an annulment and the artist shot himself and died SS made his agent burn all the nudes that the artist had done of her except for one that SS did not know was sold when she burnt the other ones Guess who has that one Mr ACP gives really broad hints that he likes looking at it SS and Sinbad have to go to the vet It was not fun cause there were shots and flea powder involved On the way back SS made sure that Sinbad s pet taxi was securely seat belted in place along with SS s seat belt cause everyone should always buckle up even kittens Which was a good thing cause some dubious probably pot growers in the mountains wrecked into SS s vehicle on the mud slicked road and then they took off SS and Sinbad were in a bad place cause the car was hanging off the road over a big chasm They had to wait a really long time for the H to come find them when they did not get back from the vet s right away Sinbad was pretty confident tho cause Mr ACP was hiding and stalking them from afar he learned his skills from Sinbad obviously Then SS has to leave Sinbad to have a moment by herself to do Sinbad things Simone gets a call from Julia about a big party she needs her to attend as a favor SS goes but has nothing to wear except a really suggestive gown Julia gives her that SS doesn t like it will lead to a lot of ugly propositions that SS will have to fend off Fortunately the H from The Stone Princess shows up Sadly without SS s BFF his wife Petra who is at home preggers but fortunately SS can hang on him and Petra won t get mad cause they are all friends and SS needs a male pig avoidance shield Then Julia and Mr ACP walk up and it becomes clear that Julia jealous over Mr ACP s interest in SS has set a nasty smackdown up Mr ACP delivers on cue and calls SS a tart because she is advertising in that dress The H from TSP sweeps Sweet Simone away and they escape the party while Julia tells Mr ACP that they are lovers and SS doesn t care that he is married SS goes back to the bach then Mr ACP gets back There are angry words that lead to the big lurve club explosion Mr ACP is shocked cause unicorns have to find a new groomer Then he nastily asks if SS denied her husband his rights and is that why he shot himself He also claims that SS is so heartless she even kept on working when her mother died and then he runs away again before SS can explain the situation Sinbad who likes to take naps under the duvet while she contemplates her next adventure is in red alert Sweet Simone has to get back to work and Sinbad will have to go stay in a cattery Sinbad doesn t DO catteries There is no adventures or treks or cat staff supervisions so Sinbad manufactures an extremely important appointment outside and refuses to break it when SS goes to look for her Sinbad just did outside things for a few days until Mr ACP came back then she moved in with him and his new unkept needs a refurbishment house at the Pukapuka Estuary She gets Mr ACP to send cat pictures of her glorious and growing self every few weeks just to keep a line open to Sweet SimoneBut SS is gone a LOONNG time she is out working for 13 months and SS also gets two mysteries published with good reviews SS needs to have enough money to retire and buy Sinbad Treats before she can abstain from modeling and continue her writing career That is why Sinbad ignores SS tho she accepts a few apology pettings when SS shows up at Mr ACP s Pukapuka house SS is going to have suffer both Sinbad s and Mr ACP s pretend indifference until they feel like getting over their attitudes Sinbad did the Royal Cat Decree Even tho SS is pining away cause she loves Mr ACP and is ruined for other men Sinbad isn t asking for cuddles until Sweet Simone bares her soul to her about her huge love for Mr ACP and her plans for a future with him Which SS eventually does cause she is smart enough to realize that Sinbad is a great listener and always has things sorted out Sweet Simone moves in with Mr ACP following Sinbad s carpe diem lead tho Sinbad gets really irritated when they interrupt her power naps on the bed and make the springs bounce too much However once they get done bouncing around and making strange noises at each other Sinbad has a great time batting at their feet Things are going along and everyone is happy and lurved up and Mr ACP seems to be getting less distant SS is feeling kinda doubtful her lurve campaign is going to win but she keeps trying Sinbad is thinking about SS promotions to permanent staff Until another red haired green eyed lady knocks on the door Sweet Simone answers it and gives a Sinbad worthy hiss cause it is Mr ACP s ex wife Mr ACP is really really angry He breaks a pencil and almost hits Sinbad when he throws it Sinbad is alert and ready to take some serous claw swipes at these troublesome cat staffers but the ex wife only wants to say sorry cause she was a nematode sewer swilller and now she is getting remarried and he made her come apologize for her very bad behavior Mr ACP is having a dark night crisis of the soul and he has to go put himself in timeout for a few days Sinbad isn t really worried tho Sweet Simone is looking pretty frazzled Sinbad knows she has schooled Mr ACP to be the finest cat staffer in the world Since Sinbad herself has forgiven Sweet Simone and freuently uses her lap for an emergency nap or twenty sometime these adventures are REALLY exhausting Sinbad knows Mr ACP will be obedient to Sinbad s will and fall right into line and do that word thingy with Sweet Simone to bring her on board as full time cat staffer who finally buys the right kind of Sinbad treats and gets Sinbad s hair brushed just right Sinbad Is Right We knew she would be Mr ACP comes back and gives Sinbad sorry for being distracted from my duty pettings and then he tells Sweet Simone that he loves her and the nematode ex was really the pale copy of her and he is sorry he did not wait for the real thing He also never slept with Julia and is really sorry for all the mean accusations he made that he knows are untrue Mr ACP also swears he will burn the nude picture he bought from SS s hubby if she wants but really he should have known when he first saw it that she was the woman he was waiting for and will she please stay and be a slave to Sinbad with him permanently Sweet Simone is overjoyed that Sinbad who knows gold from dross and has great wisdom approves of the H s proposal and has accepted Sweet Simone s application for permanent cat staff service Mr AngryCrankyPants is now transformed to Mr HappyLovingShorts Sinbad is glad that everyone listened to her even if she did have to bat a few staffers around sometimes Now we can all get back to cat approved adventures and Sinbad Treats as everyone settles down for books babies inventions and Cat Serving for a truly happy HPlandia HEA outing

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Review ✓ Once Bitten Twice Shy ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Vowed to prove him wrong Fascinated by his strength his gentleness the passion he kept so firmly under control she was tempted to let down her guard Dare she give love a second chance. Hard book to rate The heroine was very different for an HP girl Hero kept hurting her emotionally and she kept coming back Not in a ninny doormat way but in a strong determined way She loved him and felt like he was worth the effort if she could just break through to him She was really a lovely character The hero was much harder to get a handle on I kept thinking that he had some sort of revenge plot percolating in his mind which was all going to come out later but no He was in love with his ex wife who was another model who looked very similar to the heroine He just wanted to bang her on that account His turn around at the end was pretty unbelievable Since the author mostly failed at letting us guess what was going on in the hero s mind and when we did find out it was sort of like yeah right I didn t really care for him or buy his love for the heroine

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Review ✓ Once Bitten Twice Shy ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Began his pursuit He'd obviously convinced himself he knew exactly the kind of woman she wasLost in a wasteland of bitter desire Angus expected a greedy little sensualist but Simone. Old school angst fest that was well done than enjoyable I can t do any better than Boogenhagen s and StMargarets reviews but offer a few thoughtsThis heroine needs a break in life She s been used one way or another by just about everybody mother agents dead husband etc then falls in love with a man that was dumped by his wife for a man that ends up marrying his sister See A Willing Surrender Yeah that s a plot point that takes a while to unravelBoth hero and heroine come with some heavy duty baggage view spoilerHer dead husband was obsessed with her channelled his love and emotions through his paintings of her but was physically impotent The H has the aforementioned ex wifeinfidelity issues hide spoiler

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