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CHARACTERS Ð CHEM-MOSKOW.RU ´ Jerry M. Burger FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Personality T describe the research programs aligned with every major theoretical approach Biographical sketches of theorists and accounts of the stories behind influential research programs help you gain an understanding of how classic and contemporary. One of the enlightening psychology text books I have read


CHARACTERS Ð CHEM-MOSKOW.RU ´ Jerry M. Burger FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Personality This proven text fuses the best of theory based and research based instruction to give you a powerful introduction to personality that is accessible and understandable Burger pairs theory applications and assessment chapters with chapters tha. Bitirdi im say l ders kitaplar ndan vuhuu Kaynak kitap ders kitab dedi in b yle olur Yay nevi ya da yazarla anla mad m ya da reklam sponsorlu um yoktur Ey psikolog aday ya da psikoloji merak salm gen insan ki ili ini merak ediyorum neden b yleyim neden b yleler zmek anlamak istiyorum bunlar n cevab n bulmak istersen nah bulursun ama bu kitap cevab olmayan soruna ifreler s rlar verecek Belki de bunun cevab n sen bulacaks n Hava gaz Kaynak kitap dedi in niye b yle olur Verdi i kuramlar n ard ndan yap lan ara t rmalar veriyor arada bize k k s prizler yap yor hehe l ekler var ilgi ekiciKi ilik vizesinden 100 ald m Bunun kitap ile alakas yok egomu ok ayay m dedim

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CHARACTERS Ð CHEM-MOSKOW.RU ´ Jerry M. Burger FREE DOWNLOAD ☆ Personality Findings relate to each other and reinforce the idea that theory and research perpetuate one another In text self assessments and a Study Guide available separately allow you to stop consider what you're reading and interact with the material. I think this is one of the first full text books I ve actually completed and I have to say it actually wasn t too terrible The subject material is interesting and the author presents everything uite wellPersonality as you might have guessed is a book about personality psychology a branch of psychology that studies human personality and how it varies between individuals This book was actually pretty well rounded covering multiple approaches to personality theory The first few chapters start with the history of Personality psychology introductions to each approach and information on some research methods The subseuent chapters dedicate two chapters each to the other approaches The book follows a timeline fairly well starting with grand daddy Freud and the Psychoanalytic approach Naturally there were extra chapters on Freud and neo Freudian theory The book starts with the earliest forms of personality theory and ends with some of the most recent I think the only thing lacking from the book is the lack of any kind of closing chapter After finishing the final chapter with the last approach it feels like the book ends rather abruptly which may sound silly given that it is a textbook The author could have discussed current personality psychology research or a final comparison of the approaches and how influential they still are todayWith the exception of the last two chapters each chapter is roughly thirty pages in length It may seem a bit funny to split each approach into two different chapters but from the point of view of a student this is actually uite handy It makes it easy to just do one chapter a week along with assignments without feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information Each approach is given an eual amount of background information and good support as well as criticisms for each It is made uite clear in the introduction that varying approaches shine in different areas and no one theory alone is applicable to everything This I think is one of the book s strongest suits as it gives the reader a chance to decide what approaches fit best and form their own opinions on the topic something that I think is important for an academic work as opposed to just force feeding one point of viewI did have a few very small criticisms of the book and I couldn t give it full marks and most of them are just my own pet peeves that others may not share First was the in text citations which I know are necessary for academic works and are included in the standard format for Psychology They just drive me batty and disrupt my reading skimming over them in the middle of a sentence Especially the sentences that have multiple citations in one I also found at least two grammatical errors throughout the book which is actually uite good considering it s rare to find a work that is perfect but still a slight oversight considering this is a hefty and expensive text bookLastly littered throughout the chapter are tables with graphs personal evaluation tests and short profiles about some important theorists While I loved having all three sometimes the placement was pretty awful I d be in the middle of a paragraph when the whole half of the page would be interrupted with a giant profile about a given theorist and I d have to skip over it to finish the section then back track to read the profile Often the profiles for the theorist would be placed right in the middle of the section talking about their work I think it would make a lot sense to place those profiles at either the very start or the very end of the chapter preferably the start so that the reader can get an introduction to the theorist I know that with printing it s difficult to make everything fit but I just found it bothersome having so many interruptions while reading and having to flip around so oftenOverall not too shabby for my first complete text book The book is of course inherently inhibited by it s format you d have to be intensely interested in psychology and personality theory in particular However if you wanted a crash course on the subject that is well written evenly paced and even has some humor to keep the chapters interesting this book does it pretty wellStrengths Well rounded and informativeWeaknesses Dense bad locations for tables and profiles in text citations clutter the paragraphs

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