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Africa Solo Free download ✓ 5 Read & Download Ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free â Mark Beaumont SHORTLISTED FOR ADVENTURE TRAVEL BOOK OF THE YEARIn the spring of 2015 Mark Beaumont set out from the bustling heart of Cairo on his latest world record attempt solo the length of Africa intending to ride to Cape Town in under 50 days Seven years since he smashed the world record for cycling round the world this would be his toughest trip yet And he would set a new mark that would simply break the limits o A whirlwind tour of Africa on 2 wheels I love an endurance athlete and Mark is up there with the best of them After having met him earlier in the year at an event where he spoke about his challenges I could hear his voice whilst reading the book He is very elouent and passionate about his subject For anyone with an interest in cycling especially a Scottish cyclist this is the book for you

Read & Download Ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free â Mark Beaumont

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Africa Solo Free download ✓ 5 Read & Download Ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free â Mark Beaumont F enduranceDespite illness mechanical faults attempted robbery and stone throwing children as well as dehydration in the deserts and unprecedented levels of exhaustion Mark completed the journey in just 41 days 10 hours and 22 minutes after cycling 6762 miles spending 439 hours in the saddle sometimes up to 16 hours a day and climbing 190355 feet through 8 countries It was an astonishing journey and one th Cycle from the comfort of you r armchair as you follow Mark s route hereI remember holding this book in my hand and thinking how on earth do you manage to ride from Cairo to Cape Town However fit you are that must be tougher than tough It s not just the physical side of things but the stamina you must need I got a bit tired even thinking about it But I opened up that cover and got stuck in and it s uite a journey in ways than oneMark is the kind of guy you get on with straight away he s affable witty and talks openly about his determination yet worries at the same time He s nervous about leaving his family but thankful for their support wonders how he s going to cope with maintaining his bike etc and all the other everyday challenges such as finding somewhere to sleep I m not a cyclist myself unless you count wobbling around Paris on the free bikes THAT was an experience maybe Mark could cover this is later books but I got the cyclist urge the terminology dropped in so smoothly as the oil in the bicycle chains And at the end a hint of what is to comeIt might even be Paris after all or then again maybe not

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Africa Solo Free download ✓ 5 Read & Download Ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free â Mark Beaumont At will fascinate and grip the readerFrom the obvious dangers of Egypt Sudan and Kenya over the unpaved muddy mountainous roads of Ethiopia through the beautiful grasslands of Tanzania and Zambia to riding at night in Botswana in the company of elephants and giraffes Mark brings Africa to life in all its complex glory friendship and curiosity while inspiring us all to uestion the bounds of what is possible I stumbled across Africa Solo at a book sale and bought it with no knowledge of who Mark was what he did and without any knowledge whatsoever of enduro cycling The reason I was interested in reading it was because I wanted to learn about cycling and the off the touirst pamphlet details of the African countries Mark rode through on his world record attempt Africa Solo achieved those two goals for me and much You have to consider for a moment what a challenge it is to put together 320 pages of interesting content to read when much of Mark s journey was just pedalling away through arid and featureless landscapes Yet every single day is its own small adventure Mark did incredibly well to tease out the moments in each day that gave them thrill and character and set them apart from the day before and the day after even though he was essentially repeating the same task day in and day out The book is written really well with some beautiful descriptive language used that allows you to fully grasp the people countries and moments being described as well as capture the emotions that Mark went through in his world record attempt It also comes across as a very honest reflection on each country the people as well as the claims of previous world record holders on how supported or unsupported they were on their rides through AfricaThis is a fun fast paced interesting and informative read Loved it

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