{Pdf} Bukareszt Kurz i krew Author Małgorzata Rejmer

  • Paperback
  • 272
  • Bukareszt Kurz i krew
  • Małgorzata Rejmer
  • Polish
  • 19 October 2017
  • 9788375365399

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Read & Download Bukareszt Kurz i krew ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Zieci i staruszek włóczących się w pobliżu niezliczonych kwiaciarni które prowadzą matki tych dzieci i córki tych staruszek Wszędzie psy jak czarne i szare tobołki porzucone przez kogoś kto bardzo się spieszył?. 50 1989 httpbooks herbariumblogspotcom2

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Read & Download Bukareszt Kurz i krew ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ach przeszywający zapach lip i rozgniecionych winogron Elegancja architektury z zamierzchłego świata Stukot rozchybotanych tramwajów klaksony rozwścieczonych taksówek na sekundę przed stłuczką Zaśpiew cygańskich d. Bukareszt Kurz i krew nie jest czysto reportersk ksi k o stolicy Rumunii Jest to raczej zbi r esej w kt rych bohaterem jest to ciekawe miasto Z jednej strony chcia abym wi cej fakt w z drugiej jednak Ma gorzata Rejmer pisze tak pi knie e nie ma co narzeka O bardziej szczeg owych faktach historycznych mo na poczyta inne ksi ki Warto

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Read & Download Bukareszt Kurz i krew ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free „Bukareszt jest jak wrzątek albo kipiel wzburzony i zmętniały Atrybuty miasta czarne kłęby przewodów na słupach jak gniazda porzucone przez ptaki atmosfera rozkopania i prowizorki obok bankietów w sklepowych witryn. Bucharest Dust and Blood the exciting portrait of the city and its residents is the outcome of two years of travelling to Romania the testimony of fascination and difficult love of the author Bucharest with its architecture and for its elegance and sophistication called Paris of the East or Little Paris It saw days of glory and fall witnessed a dark and cruel events which marked Romanians for ever They say that Vlad the Impaler dwelt in Bucharest they say too that he was a vampire Meanwhile he just liked to watching the world burning and people dying long and slowly And he was not the only tormentor for his nationBucharest line of cars is flowing in the main arteries but in the side streets the old villas are sleeping And petrifying silence In Bucharest like in melting pot Romanian Turkish Jewish Armenian influences are mixing When in the nineteenth century Turkey loses its importance city abandons turbans and recollects that it is a descendant of the Emperor Trajan truly Latin island in the sea of Slavs During WWar II Romania first slaughters side by side with Hitler to betray him later to StalinAfter the war collectivization ended in 1962 when everything was taken and the richest and most rebellious ended up in prisons or on hard labours Thousands apartments were built to offer people a minimum of comfort in return for the maximum of controlled reality Spacious apartment peopled by three families One family for two rooms and as rumor has it one Securitate s agent for one flatPeople are afraid of themselves fear of delations eavesdrops denouncers Special decree denies women the rights to contraception and legal abortionNo food giant shopping ueues problems with heating and electricity poverty Do you know what distinguishes Auschwitz from Bucharest In Auschwitz was a gas I know it s stupid and cruel joke But I can understand I remember Poland in early eightiesThe relative prosperity of the seventies and eighties regression And then the memorable revolution of 1989 followed live on television Pursuit of the dictator a uick proces execution It seemed so unreal the world was waiting already for Christmas and Romanias were to change their lousy fate Troubles with suddenly regained freedom Chaos and anarchy are not the same as freedomOn the other hand Ceau escu and his desire to change the Bucharest in another city because this one seemed too low too bourgeois with too much historic districts villas monasteries And here with help came earthuake and what was not destroyed by the cataclysm destroyed himself Ceau escu The earthuake was simply childish and innocent beginning of demolition Because Ceau escu wanted to give his people a special gift People s House This marble barn in the heart of the city this Mordor this pompous symbol of pride and madness is now the biggest tourist attraction of Bucharest