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Free download The Cloud Roads ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free On is once again cast out by his adopted tribe he discovers a shape shifter like himself someone who seems to know exactly what he is who promises that Moon will be welcomed into his community What this stranger doesn't tell Moon is that his presence will t. 4 stars objectively5 stars for enjoymentThe audio is superbly read by Christopher Kipiniak and I enjoyed every moment of this reread Now onto the next one because I can never reread just this book Gotta follow Moon on his journey across the Three Worlds and reread the rest of the trilogy And then I ll need to take a peak at the short story collections and before I know it I m rereading them too Then I m sure I ll be in the mood for the last two books Might as well complete the whole series since I ve come this far Rereading on audio with Beth review MrsJoseph reviewand the Flight of Fantasy group Great world lots of adventure and so many interesting creatures The Cloud Roads begins with a solitary Raksura shapeshifter named Moon who had been living among various groups of groundlings for most of his life but had never been able to fit in anywhere He doesn t even know what he is or where he came from The rest of the book is about him finding his people learning about where he came from and helping them fight off a predatory enemy that destroy all civilization in their path This is high fantasy unlike anything I ve ever read before and it s a breath of fresh air Martha Wells writing pulled me in right from the start and didn t let go until I finished the whole trilogy in a matter of days which was unusual for me since I often struggled with high fantasy but this particular story is just so wonderfully writtenComplete review of the first three books at

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Free download The Cloud Roads ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ip the balance of power that his extraordinary lineage is crucial to the colony's survival and that his people face extinction at the hands of the dreaded Fell Now Moon must overcome a lifetime of conditioning in order to save and himself and his newfound k. Martha Wells just fixed herself firmly on my list of favourite authors Her Murderbot series put her on my list and this new to me series confirms itShe earned five stars straight away for the magnificent world building Then there was a wonderful magic system And finally the totally imaginative characters in particular the Raksura who slightly resemble shape shifting dragons only slightly though They are actually much much betterThe story opens with the main character Moon who is like a bird that has fallen out of its nest He is different from every other creature he meets and has no idea what he is Over the years he has learned that other races are suspicious of him and he keeps his shape shifting secret When he meets another of his kind his whole world changes and initially it seems it my not be for the betterThe story is action packed Raksura fight like dragons and there is a lot of claw and scale action and the ripping off of heads The bad guys are called the Fell and they are very bad It is all good fun This first book is complete in itself and finishes satisfactorily but with Moon about to enter the next stage of his life in book 2 Very nicely done altogether and I have the next book ready and waiting

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Free download The Cloud Roads ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Moon has spent his life hiding what he is a shape shifter able to transform himself into a winged creature of flight An orphan with only vague memories of his own kind Moon tries to fit in among the tribes of his river valley with mixed success Just as Mo. This book was a total surprise It didn t really look all that interesting to me based on the jacket copy stock story possible last of his kind looking for a place to belong etc But where other stories end last of his kind finds a place is pretty much where this story started nearly ended then started again Moon finds his people early in the book and it s not a happy experience for him He learns that a he s a member of an especially coveted subgroup within his people and b he is simultaneously a member of an especially reviled subgroup So suffice it to say Moon s homecoming is complex Then on top of that Moon has baggage from a prior encounter with enemy shapeshifters which comes back to haunt him with a vengeanceSo what looks like a stock story isn t But that isn t this story s greatest asset the worldbuilding is This is a rich complex plausibly exotic fantasy world like nothing on earth described so vividly that I d love to go visit it Except I d get eaten in 5 minutes Moon s people are one of the most intelligently constructed fantasy races I ve seen in awhile science fictionally so though the story manages to retain the wonder and magic of fantasy Add to that characters who stick with you and whose motivations you really care about and this is a real winnerI ve read an advance copy of The Serpent Sea and it s just as amazingHighly recommended

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