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  • The Vanishing
  • Bentley Little
  • English
  • 16 June 2019
  • 9780451221858

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The Vanishing review Þ 103 Bentley Little Ô 3 characters Sband an unsettling letter strained with bloody fingerprintsAnd all across California children are falling victim to a monstrous change and their parents to a mounting fearSocial worker Carrie Daniels and report. Just be ready for a crap load of wtf s If Bentley can out do this one I will be surprised

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The Vanishing

The Vanishing review Þ 103 Bentley Little Ô 3 characters Er Brian Howells are determined to find the link between these baffling events But they shouldn't look too deeply into the lives of the victims It's uite dark there And God help them they won't like what they fi. Another masterpiece of unsettling horror from Bentley Little He can make anything seem sinister I m sure he could make a sticky note seem evil This time it s a bunch of rich Californians going crazy and slaughtering their families and in one notable case a horrendously painful suicide A rookie journalist and a social worker are the only ones who are trying to get to the bottom of this and oh boy do they There is a lot of depravity in this book Lots of monster sex and the kids who result from this are pretty creepy It gets a bit preachy in places but that s OK I m the choir so I don t mind too much Sometimes Little has a bit of trouble with his endings This one of the good endings meaning it makes sense and doesn t feel like a cheat Reading Little is always a lot of fun

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The Vanishing review Þ 103 Bentley Little Ô 3 characters In Beverly Hills a wealthy CEO goes on a bloody rampage and videotapes the slaughter He leaves behind a chilling cryptic message This is where it beginsMiles away an alarmed mother receives from her estranged hu. Truly one of the most bizzarest books I have ever read I can t even put it into words Let s just say that if you are easily offended with dirty writing then DO NOT read this This book gets 5 stars from me because of the imagination behind writing this I don t agree with the reviews on GR that state it looked like the author just compiled ideas and threw them into a book or that the story is far fetched That s a low blow for the horror genre I mean isn t all horror an escape from realityWhat we know is truly possible and what isn t If you want to read a realistic novel then don t read horror or Bentley Little Back to the book there are a lot of sexual scenes that will make some readers uncomfortable but in the end I enjoyed the overall horror element to the story Oh and as always another thing I loved was that it was based in my beautiful CALIFORNIA I always love reading and recognizing cities or places SPOILER AHEAD I have to admit I did feel bad at the end when someone is found