Kadir Nelson [Download Read] We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball

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We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball

We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball Read & download ´ 2 Using an Everyman player as his narrator Kadir Nelson tells the story of Negro Leag. Rube Foster was the founder of the Negro National League Said he of his men We are the ship all else the sea As long as there has been baseball in America there have been African American ballplayers Men like Sol White and Bud Fowler Before Rube Foster however there was no organized professional league Then on February 20 1920 Rube called together owners of black baseball teams like himself and the Negro National League began Through the collective voice of the players we hear about these years and these men who played together We hear about amazing plays crazy rules outright characters and the greats We hear about the hardships of being a player including the low pay and the dangers of playing in the South Finally the book ends with Jackie Robinson the integration into Major League Baseball and end of the Negro Leagues themselves With footnotes a mass of factual information a disarmingly engaging style and portraits that ll blow you away Kadir Nelson has produced his opus and we re all invited to watchThis being his first full length written work you might think that Mr Nelson would be uncomfortable with text Nothing could be farther from the truth Chapters follow the history of the leagues in a chronological fashion with breaks for facts about playing in Cuba or dealing with the Second World War It s clear that the author also knows how uptight people can be when it comes to illustrations of real people In his Author s Note Mr Nelson mentions that he employed some artistic license in this novel This line in particular cracked me up I am fully aware that Cool Papa played center field but the right field wall is so visually interesting that I used a bit of license and placed him in front of it Perhaps he was playing right field that day or he just chased a fly ball to right and stopped for a photo In other words uit your jabber jawing people The man knows his facts and if he wants to move someone around the field let himIf I were to compare Kadir Nelson s work here to Norman Rockwell a lot of people might get mad To them Rockwell represents a kind of twee Americana heavy on the saccharine light on the artistic merit But Rockwell had an ability to capture a person or moment in time Nelson s work is very different from Rockwell s but he also knows how to capture a person s soul in a portrait The men you see in this book are both weighed down by the events in their lives and yet are buoyed by the very job they do Wilber Bullet Rogan sits heavy on a bench his eyes almost entirely hidden under the shadow from his cap Satchel Paige stands loose and lanky and long mere seconds before throwing a trademark pitch I cannot even begin to imagine how to draw portraits these intense without having the subjects there before you Photographs particularly those of the old and grainy variety can only tell you so much And then there are the moments of relaxation Rube Foster and his Chicago American Giants disembark from a train as two boys look on in wonder Newark Eagles owners Abe and Effa Manley sit in front of a group of men singing as their bus hurtles them to their next game Nelson shakes things up showing the men staring directly at the viewer or in the midst of the game one minute and then riding high on the shoulders of fans another you never know what to expectI seriously doubt that Hank Aaron writes a Foreword for every book proposal he receives Seems to me that he d do relatively few Yet with this book Aaron writes at the beginning When I read these stories and look at the artwork I am flooded by memories of years past and grateful for Kadir s fresh approach to the subject Children now have a chance to pay homage to heroes with cool names like Cumberland Posey and Cool Papa Bell It s a one of a kind book the like of which you have not seen nor ever will see again A triumph

Summary We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball

We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball Read & download ´ 2 Ue baseball from its beginnings in the 1920s through the decline after Jackie Robin. An outstanding book with an informative and immensely readable narrative and gorgeous illustrations Kadir Nelson s We Are the Ship is a work that draws the reader in even if she like myself has little interest in baseball The story of African Americans in the sport the title comes from a uote from Rube Foster who founded the Negro National League prior to the admittance of Jackie Robinson into the Major Leagues in 1947 it is a celebration of the perseverance and independence of spirit that allowed so many athletes to continue in the face of limited opportunities and discriminatory policies It is also an enlightening examination of American history exploring how racial segregation was enacted not just in sport but in everything from hotel accommodation to military serviceI learned uite a bit from this book I d never known for instance that African Americans played baseball with everyone else until around 1887 when team owners stopped hiring them and enjoyed it far than I expected to The artwork was simply breathtaking that I did expect with Kadir Nelson s typically brilliant use of light and his expressive figures Somehow his paintings just seem to shine There were some references to chasing girls and a comment about Latin women that I could have lived without but otherwise I appreciated everything about We Are the Ship It s text heavy than a standard picture book so I think it is better suited to upper elementary school and middle school readers All in all a wonderful book one I would recommend to young readers interested in baseball or American history and to fans of the authorartist

Characters ´ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ Kadir Nelson

We Are the Ship The Story of Negro League Baseball Read & download ´ 2 Son crossed over to the majors in 1947 Illustrations from oil paintings by the auth. One of the best African American History books in the category of sports Fantastic The paintings look like photographs and the research for this was phenomenal

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